Our little guide to preparing your home before we photograph!

At Tiptree Homes we want your home to look fantastic! This gives us the best chance at selling it for the price it deserves

Clear and Clean Kitchen Counters & Tidy away any Fridge Magnets

Clean any mirrored or reflective surfaces, hide away any utensils etc that you may usually keep out for convivence but maybe doesn’t make your kitchen look its best.

Clear and Clean Bathroom Sinks, Tubs and Showers

Hide away toiletries, toilet brushes, toilet roll & towels. A clean tidy bathroom will look fresh, clean & ready for a buyer to put their own stamp on it.

Replace Burned Out Lightbulbs

Even on the sunniest day, turning all lights on to photograph each room. This brightens the room, makes it look more attractive. Please ensure all bulbs and lights are working.

Open All Curtains and Blinds & Clean Windows

Let as much light in as you can. If possible, take down net curtains.

Remove Unnecessary Furniture, Décor & make the beds

Tidy away any bits & bobs you may have out, this way buyers are more likely to be able to see a home being theirs. Less is more.

Turn All TV's and Computer Screens Off

This one explains itself. But computer screens is a must, to avoid the displaying of personal information or family photos.

Remove All Personal Photo's and Items

Sensitive information & family photos should be hidden away where possible.

Put All Shoes & Jackets Away

We won’t be looking in your cupboards, so no matter how much you have to tuck away, the clearer your home the better. We also won’t be photographing hallways, for items that won’t fit in a cupboard.

Remove Pet Items Where Possible

Hide away dog beds, dog toys, cat litter trays, scratch posts etc. Anything that hints towards pets may put a large number of buyers off.

Mow the Lawn And Remove Weeds (If Applicable)

If you have a garden, get it looking it’s best! To most, this is a huge selling point & some of the best pictures of the property may be the outside space.

This should help us take great photos of your home, and show potential buyers its full potential.

Thank you.